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25308Re: [PrimeNumbers] seeking smallest 'forward concatenation prime' for power of 79

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  • Jack Brennen
    Jul 29, 2013
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      My little program to try to find a "forward concatenation prime"
      in base 79 tells me that no such number exists below exp(10000).

      Good luck finding one above that... ;)

      By the way, I agree with Phil that the sequence of forward
      concatenation primes would seem to be much more fundamental
      than your derived sequence.

      On 7/29/2013 12:01 PM, Phil Carmody wrote:
      > On Mon, 7/29/13, James Merickel <moralforce120@...> wrote:
      >> I am trying to add terms to http://oeis.org/A173189 , which gives the number for
      >> each integral base of primes obtainable by concatenating
      >> numbers decremented in sequence from a power of the base
      >> that are less than the smallest that is obtainable by
      >> concatenating numbers increasing in sequence from a power of
      >> the base.
      > """"
      > In base n, the number of primes beginning with a power of n that are a concatenation of simply decremented numbers that are less than the smallest prime that is a similar concatenation beginning with a power of n and proceeding by increments instead.
      > """
      > Why does 10000000000000100000000000011000000000000210000000000003100000000000041000000000000510000000000006100000000000071000000000000810000000000009
      > not yield any hits on either OEIS or google?
      > As it's a member of the sequence that your sequence is defined in terms of, one would expect that more primitive sequence to have been added first? Which would then enable you to simplify the horrendous description above.
      > Phil
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