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25280Re: [PrimeNumbers] Re: Polynomials

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  • Jack Brennen
    Jul 27 11:48 AM
      On 7/27/2013 8:53 AM, djbroadhurst wrote:
      > Conversely, we may echo Keynes:
      > "But this long run is a misleading guide to current affairs.
      > In the long run we are all dead.
      > Economists set themselves too easy, too useless a task if in
      > tempestuous seasons they can only tell us that when the storm
      > is past the ocean is flat again."
      > John Maynard Keynes (1883-1946), in
      > "A Tract on Monetary Reform" (1923) Ch. 3:
      > http://www.unc.edu/depts/econ/byrns_web/Economicae/jmkeynes.html

      From the movie "Being There" (1979). And I bring this up mostly
      because by some joyful coincidence, I watched the movie last night. :)

      Chance the Gardener: Yes. In the garden, growth has it seasons. First comes spring and summer, but then we have fall and winter. And then we get spring and summer again.
      President "Bobby": Spring and summer.
      Chance the Gardener: Yes.
      President "Bobby": Then fall and winter.
      Chance the Gardener: Yes.
      Benjamin Rand: I think what our insightful young friend is saying is that we welcome the inevitable seasons of nature, but we're upset by the seasons of our economy.
      Chance the Gardener: Yes! There will be growth in the spring!
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