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25140Re: [PrimeNumbers] OEIS submission of prime sequences

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  • Phil Carmody
    Jun 1, 2013
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      --- On Sat, 6/1/13, viva8698 <vaseghisam@...> wrote:
      > HI
      > Through my studies I have three types of periodic sequences
      > which are based on prime formulas. The sequences are
      > generated by prime and a second parameter. I want to submit
      > them as generic they are to OEIS but have no idea how it
      > works there and completely confused. Is here someone who can
      > help me. I have the sequences as formula and also in
      > Mathematica ready. The problem is I can not work with wiki.
      > Thanks

      Sure - just post them here, with descriptions and formulae or programs.
      There are many OEIS contributors on this list who can help walk you through the process, and fix things if there are issues, I think we
      even have some moderators/admins here. Just make the information available, and it can be worked with.


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