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25132Re: Unknown Mathematician Proves Elusive Property of Prime Numbers

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  • John
    May 31, 2013
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      Good point you make. Probably the 4-gaps get a filip also. That is if they have not already ceased to be around to balance the 6n+1 forms and the 6n-1.

      In all this it must be remembered, at least by me, that rhere are still plenty of greater than "Zhang Number" gaps to help out yhe balancing act.

      The fabled prime race may get a bit more attention as a result of all this, but it seems that at the smaller numbers, the lead does not change very often from what I have read.


      --- In primenumbers@yahoogroups.com, Phil Carmody <thefatphil@...> wrote:
      > --- On Fri, 5/31/13, John <mistermac39@...> wrote:
      > > How does the form 6n+1 "catch up" if the TPC be not true?
      > > That is my question.
      > Well, if you can assume something spooky enough to fundamentally unbalance twins, there's no reason to expect it to not rebalance other gap sizes to compensate.
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