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25121Re: [PrimeNumbers] Re: Unknown Mathematician Proves Elusive Property of Prime Numbers

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  • Phil Carmody
    May 30, 2013
      --- On Thu, 5/30/13, Maximilian Hasler <maximilian.hasler@...> wrote:
      > But of course the number 2 is the ultimate challenge, it is special in
      > several ways, which partially may be, but aren't necessarily directly, a
      > consequence of the fact that its the smallest possible gap.

      Just thinking about it, falsity of the TPC would be deeply disturbing.
      Just imagine the concept of being given a prime, and then being able to instantly determine the primality a different number without knowing
      any of its factors (in particular, knowing that it's composite). That's even spookier than magnets.

      Does anyone seriously doubt the TPC's truth?

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