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25071Check guess, please (simultaneous primes in sequence)

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  • James Merickel
    May 17, 2013
      Hi, Jens (et al.):
      I am not sure why I am running a sequence, so I suspect I should not be in PARI.  The terms are reasonably close and should be growing.  I don't have the first 15 terms with me, but THEY are easy and the guess is the next is a significant break (and not just at 'level'); so it should suffice I describe:
      [The first collection of] 8 simultaneous primes are to be found by adding/subtracting 1, 2, 4 and 5 to a (the sequence's) value, multiplying by a power of 10 and adding 1. 
      {I also happen to have submitted to 'Prime Curios!' the value for 12 simultaneous and the power is 1 (where 8 and 10 are added to the list (3761003546939, so the smallest of the 12 primes is 37610035469291 and largest is 37610035469491)).  A next step would be adding/subtracting 13.}

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