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25045The Randomness of Prime Numbers?

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  • bobgillson
    Apr 20, 2013
      Many thanks to Jack Brennan, Chris Caldwell and Phil Carmody for their feedback on the above thread. Their confirmation, especially from such esteemed contributors, that there is nothing random (except in a more subtle sense) about prime numbers is both gratifying and a relief - and hopefully correct.

      Unfortunately, this feedback has also led me to believe ( in my self delusion ), that a positive proof of the Twin Prime conjecture is possible. Yes, I can hear the guffaws from all over the group!

      The problem is that the "proof" is simple (elementary?), but not easy for a non professional mathematician, such as me, to expound in mathematical jargon acceptable to experts in the field. And of course it is highly improbable that I could come up with something original that professionals have not considered previously.

      So the question is, if a layman, has what to him/ her is a good idea about how to defeat any long standing number theory issue, is there a process through which to air such ideas, without being considered a crank or a time waster? Or is this just part of the process?