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24979Re: [PrimeNumbers] What if Mr. X would have a formula for the prime series?

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  • yasep16
    Apr 2, 2013

      Le 2013-04-03 02:03, Jack Brennen a écrit :
      > That formula should read:
      > x + (sum for n=x to Infinity of floor(1/F(n!,x!)))

      yes, however this does not help the original poster in any way
      because this formula is the mathematical equivalent of a tautology.
      It does not say what primes numbers are or are not, does not
      explains or brings insight into the puzzling structure of the
      At least, a sieve is useful in expressing what primes are not
      (they are not composite numbers) :-)

      I imagine that the original idea for this thread is that
      the magic formula would somehow explain the prime numbers,
      revealings new insights, which would make Riemann's Zeta moot,
      or something like that.

      But these are speculations, of course :-)

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