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24975What if Mr. X would have a formula for the prime series?

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  • viva8698
    Apr 2, 2013
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      Recently we had a great discussion during a meeting with colleague matematicians and we opened a theme that seems to get quite an interesting intellectual quiz:

      What would be the consequences if Mr. X would have a formula to calculate from a given prime the whole ordered series of the subsequent primes one after the other?

      - easily said he gets the 2 and he calcualtes with his formula 3, 5, 7,...

      The question appeared to us at the first glance as a joke but soon brought us to a very serious discussion and an explosion of ideas and questions, as well. On the top of many question marks a couple of them were quite hot:

      1- Would we need to solve the Riemann hypothesis then at all even if Mr. X and his solution does not provide any way to connect to Zeta?
      2- Would we need to solve all the mountain of conjectures around the primes? And if yes which one?
      - ...

      Indeed one major point of discussion was to remind:

      3- What where Euler, Riemann, and all the many great mathematicians seeking for? And what are they still honestly seeking for, when it comes to primes?

      Of course there was some bizar questions as well:

      - which price would Mr. X be awarded? - Surely not the Nobel price!
      - how should Mr. X publish his formula? or should he keep it for himself?

      I send out this annecdotical theme and beg all of you so much for your scenarios at least for the questions 1, 2 and 3.

      I am sure this can get a great discussion.

      Look foward.
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