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24647Project to factorise F9(10)?

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  • julienbenney
    Nov 15, 2012
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      Regarding the question of Fermat factorisation, one question that has interested me is the factorisation of the ninth generalised Fermat number in base ten, or 10^512+1 in more conventional notation.

      This number has three known prime factors in 1514497, 302078977 and 3611707318387778163302401, plus a 473-digit composite factor. Of the known factors, the 25-digit and largest factor was found twelve years ago, and I do not know how much further F9(10) has been searched since 2000.

      I wonder if there is any possibility that the complete factorisation of F9(10) could be done in the future and whether it would be worth more effort than it is receiving currently?
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