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24109Re: Two large consecutive smooth numbers

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  • WarrenS
    Mar 4, 2012
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      Jim White & I have been trying to construct these things because they are grist for my
      new factoring algorithm SMODA. That was one example of our output. Although we can break (and have broken) that record, I could only make N have about 30% more digits before
      my current program would get very slow or self destruct.

      If you have new approaches, and can break that record using them, great.
      The PTE approach Broadhurst & Carmody were hinting at, is what I am using now for the
      largest ones, so that's not a new idea unless you know something I do not about it.

      If you are interested in donating computer time to this effort, intel last 10 years,
      unix variant, ok to run weeks at a time in background, then
      email warren.wds AT gmail.com.

      Thank you.
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