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23158PFGW 3.5.0 is Released

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  • Mark Rodenkirch
    Sep 22, 2011
      Here is a list of changes:

      - Added a NEXTPRIME() function for scripts. It will return the next prime after the
      given argument. This is guaranteed to return all primes below 2^64, but can return
      composites for numbers above that value.

      - Replaced primegen siever with my own. The primegen code misses some primes (notable
      primes that end with the digits "99999"). It was also limited to 32 bits. The new
      sieve can go up to 64 bits, but starts with a limit of 4e9. It will auto-increment
      the upper limit by 100 until it reaches 2^64. Outside of the small cost the occurs
      when the limit is auto-bumped, there is no longer a penalty for trial factoring
      above 2^31.

      - Upped the limit for trivial factoring to 40 bits, i.e. input values 40 bits in size or
      less will be trivially factored. This will reduce the number of "composite" PRPs,
      numbers with are output as PRP by pfgw, but which actually have small factors. This
      typically affects small base 3 numbers.

      - Note that some of these changes will have an impact on 32-bit machines, but the
      impact should be fairly small.

      - With these changes, the pfglue an prmsieve are obsolete.

      - Fixed a crash that was introduced into the GUI version in 3.4.10.

      You can d/l from https://sourceforge.net/projects/openpfgw/.

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