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23048[PrimeNumbers] Re: Pythagorean Sets of Consecutive Primes

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  • Jens Kruse Andersen
    Sep 1, 2011
      David wrote:
      > See
      > http://www.mathmeth.com/tom/files/pyth.pdf
      > which claims a proof by infinite descent that
      > x^2+y^2 and x^2-y^2 cannot both be odd squares.
      > David (who miserably failed to find a simpler proof)

      It was apparently harder than I thought.
      I didn't have a proof but guessed it would be relatively easy when
      there is a known parametrization of all Pythagorean triples.
      I only did a brute force search to see there were no small solutions.

      Jens Kruse Andersen
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