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  • James Merickel
    Mar 1, 2011
      Dear primenumbers group members,

      If anybody might be interested in pursuing the question of whether there might be a message (an actual message) where I currently think it's most likely to be found, the homeprime sequence of the repeating portion of the reciprocal of 147 looks pretty good for coincidences. This reciprocal is the probability of a whole number being divisible by 42 but not by 4, 9 or 49.

      Obviously, the idea of a message here is apt to be seen as ridiculous by most, but it's not a theoretically unsound notion. It would entail some manipulation of our linguistic history obviously, as these numbers are not manipulable. If I were looking for something it would be from where and when, first of all, but then I don't know, and I would not have a clue right now about picking signal out of noise.