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21929RE: [PrimeNumbers] harmless reminiscence

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  • Chris Caldwell
    Oct 27, 2010
      > When I was a graduate student of physics at the University of Texas:
      as late as 2000 our department of
      > computational relativity STILL used Fortran to do all its calculations
      of colliding neutron stars!

      As an undergraduate I learned Fortran, Compass, and had a course in
      Algol, because "it is the language of the future!" My first course in
      High School was IBM 360 Assembly Language (because the school district
      had one--that was the year before we got the PDP 1 and switched to basic
      on paper tape). Those I knew still using Fortran a few years ago were
      doing so because of the parallelized libraries useful on the massively
      paralyzed super computers. Sometimes you write in the language used
      locally, rather than what you want (e.g., 360 Assembly, Compass, ...).
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