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  • Alberto Zelaya
    Aug 3 4:47 PM
      If we can probe that there is a set that always will be denser than
      6ab+-a+-b then twin primes will be infinite. I asked myself if it is
      possible to get a candidate. The first option was the 3ab+-a+-b set. In
      fact, all odds numbers are of this form and only very few even numbers are
      of the form. I divided some 6ab+-a+-b integers by the corresponding
      3ab+-a+-b and 6ab+-a+-b are in average two times larger. It was obvious for
      me that one set is denser than de other, but how. Checking up to one hundred
      I realized that the integers that not were equal to 3ab+-a+-b correspond
      exactly twice non 6ab+-a+-b. I donĀ“t kow if someone has information about
      this approach.
      Then if g is not equal to
      6ab+-a+-b, 2g wont be equal to 3ab+-a+-b. It apalled me because it
      reflects the two times larger correspondence in a very weird way. The
      problem seems to exeed the twin primes distribution.

      Kind regards,
      Alberto Zelaya

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