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21394Classification of primes

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  • reismann@free.fr
    Mar 31, 2010
      Hi primenumbers group,

      I recently invented a decomposition of the numbers into weight * level + jump that I use to obtain a classification of prime numbers. I would appreciate comments, criticisms, suggestions in private or in public.
      Web site (en) : http://reismann.free.fr/index_en.html
      preprint (en) : http://arxiv.org/abs/0711.0865
      "eismann" on the OEIS :

      The following conjecture seems to me very interesting :
      "Knowing that the primes are rarefying among the natural numbers, we make the following conjecture :
      Conjecture 9 : The prime numbers classified by level are rarefying among the primes."


      RĂ©mi Eismann