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21293Any 30's dudes out there?

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  • William
    Jan 31, 2010
      Like I believe that the primes (except 2,3,5)are all of the form 30x + y where y in {7,11,13,17,19,23,29,31} and I am working on a search algorithm for what I call the -1 composites (30x + {11,17,23,29})
      If you don't believe then spit on the cat and move on.
      The composite must have a pair of factors (30g + 6h + 1), (30k + 6l + 5)
      I think I can optimise the search range to between minimum 30x + (sfx)^0.5 + (sf/x)^0.5 and (30+f)x + s where s, f in {7,13,19,31} or { 11,17,23,29} and such that mod(q,30) = z and mod(s*f) = z and f is the maximum of the pair.
      There are four sets for each y.
      For instance y = 7, f = 11,s = 7 is one set
      min = 30x + (77x)^0.5 + (77/x)^0.5
      max = 41x + 7
      Does this rimg a bell for anyome or do I need to up my medication.