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21170Re: Set of prime numbers

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  • murat.cagliyan
    Dec 1, 2009
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      Thank you, Maximilian;
      but I told him a little differently. I mean, in fact, become getrimekti formula. Erastothenes, as this method performed. I brought it into the formula and I thought I could use proof of Goldbach's conjecture. also of prime test, an easier method, moreover contain certainty.
      While investigating this, I noticed something. Even number greater than 2 and a close relationship between prime numbers.
      I can not express what it is. but I can show you. that 'Goldbach' s conjecture can be used in the proof?
      With this method, I found the formula for the sum of a series of prime numbers in total, the two parameters you change the series instead of 2 greater than the total number of prime numbers, the sum gives couples.
      This parameter is reduced by generating equation can, until the total number N of primes can find, can I obtain a short equation. This equation will be deterministic, but the equation did not reduce.
      I wonder how can I do?
      In the meantime, while trying to reduce equation, I found many features related to prime numbers. One side is a parabola triangle, for example, in a geometric area of prime numbers has been collected, 6n +1, 6n-1 in the prime numbers reveals why he like.
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