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21165Set of prime numbers

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  • murat.cagliyan
    Dec 1, 2009
      I do not know too much English, but with a translator program I am writing this post.
      I want to ask a question. I have also re-definition of prime numbers. accordingly, "1 from another multiplier, the number of non-prime numbers are called." definition.
      Set of prime numbers is a subset of the set of integers in the form of writing, progress in prime number Does work?

      I've made such an impression. Namely:
      A = (1,2,3,4, ... N) and B = (2,3,4, ... N) get. Number N of up to a set of primes P,
      P = (A x A) / (B x B) / (1) shows. The number of primes up to here sum of N also can be found easily.

      Also write an article on this subject with my friends and I wanted to run and we also arxiv.org. was necessary, but a endorsment.
      Are you also can help in this matter I wonder?
      Kind regards ..
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