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  • Bernardo Boncompagni
    Oct 4, 2009
      djbroadhurst dice:

      > I am interested in the difference between
      > the "componenti" and the "appassionati" at
      > http://www.gruppoeratostene.com/ <http://www.gruppoeratostene.com/>
      > To my ear, the "appassionati" sound as if they are much
      > more passionate about their work than the "componenti".

      I am a native Italian speaker, and in this context I would translate
      "componenti" as "members" and "appassionati" as "friends". In the
      "componenti" page this is made clearer calling the "appassionati"
      "collaboratori esterni", which means "external partners".

      However, in Italian "appassionato" (singular form of "appassionati")
      means indeed a person which has a passion for something. OTOH
      "Componenti", which strictly means "members" has of course nothing to do
      with passion.

      Last, "amateur" translates in Italian as "dilettante", opposed to
      "professionista" ("professional") but "dilettante" has a much stronger
      pejorative meaning than the English "amateur". In fact, it is usually
      used about a professional who is not able to do her or his job :)

      Bernardo Boncompagni


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