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20385Re: Too big for any computer?

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  • Ken Davis
    Jun 9, 2009
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      Hi All,
      --- In primenumbers@yahoogroups.com, Devaraj Kandadai <dkandadai@...> wrote:
      > I had requested Ken (Kradenken) to test whether 2^(3^53) + 99 is
      > eactly divisible by 107 or not. He replied that the number is too big for
      > any computer. Do you agree?
      Hi All,
      In defence of my statement the original request was could I use pfgw on the number (2^(3^53)+99)/107 as Deva received an overflow in Pari
      I assumed a prp test was being requested.
      Hence my reply
      Cheers Ken
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