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19869Re: primes in arithmetic sequences

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  • Sebastian Martin Ruiz
    Feb 26, 2009
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      Twin prime conjecture is precisely what I am trying to prove with this conjecture. We can prove by Dirichlet Theorem that exist the same t?We know by  Dirichlet Theorem that exists infinity many t1 y t2 that p+t1(p-q) and q+t2(p-q) are both primes. But there are no two be equal?

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      > It is to say exists a positive integer t that p+t(p-q) and q+t(p-q)
      are both primes?

      Suppose that this conjecture is true.  Let (s,s+2) be a pair of twin
      primes.  Then by the conjecture (with p=s+2, q=s), there is a positive
      integer t such that s+2+2t and s+2t are both prime.  So for each pair
      of twin primes, there is a greater pair of twin primes.

      So the twin prime conjecture follows from your conjecture.

      - Michael Porter

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