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19665Big PrimoProth prime number

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  • dibo12fr
    Oct 28, 2008
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      I'm glad to announce the discovery of two big (most probably the
      largest known) primoproth prime numbers.
      As a reminder, these number can be written like m#*2n +/- 1, m# being
      the primorial of the prime m.
      155161#*2^2405+1 is prime (67961 digits)
      155167#*2^2405+1 is prime (67966 digits)

      The whole job (PRP test and primality proof) has been done with
      winPFGW (1.29), by keeping the exponant constant and increasing the
      value of m.
      During this search, other number have been proven primes :

      To my knowledge, these 2 records cannot be registered in the Prime
      Pages, but at least, it is shared with all of you.

      Best regards.
      Didier Boivin
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