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19587Re: [PrimeNumbers] Re: Prize Puzzle : Primality Conjecture

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  • Peter Kosinar
    Sep 10, 2008
      Hi Adam,

      Aldrich's conjecture:
      >> If x > 3 and k > x , then A(x) will be prime if no value
      >> T(k) exists such that 1 < T(k) < B(x) is a square.

      Adam's proposed counterexample:
      > When x=9, k=10, then A(9)=361 is not prime, T(10)=361 is a square,
      > 10=k > x=9, 9=x >3, T(k) = 361 is between 1 and B(x)=1681.

      Umm... pardon me? How does this contradict Aldrich's conjecture? As far as
      I understood the claim, A(x) is claimed to -be a prime- under the
      assumption that -no- value of T(k) between 1 and B(x) is a square.


      [Name] Peter Kosinar [Quote] 2B | ~2B = exp(i*PI) [ICQ] 134813278
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