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19560Re: Fermat or Rabin/Miller PRP test uing YEAFFT

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  • j_chrtn
    Sep 2, 2008
      --- In primenumbers@yahoogroups.com, Phil Carmody <thefatphil@...>
      > > Does anyone of you knows if there exists a C program to
      > > perform PRP
      > > tests (basic Fermat test or Rabin/Miller test) using the
      > > YEAFFT library
      > > that comes with glucas package ?
      > >
      > > As far as I know, glucas can only check for primality of
      > > Mersenne's
      > > numbers and cannot test other numbers for probable
      > > primality.
      > I seem to remember it comes with the ability to replace GMP
      multiplication routines.
      > Get that working, and then just use the usual GMP exponentiation
      routines, and it will use the YEAFFT multiplications.
      > Phil

      Hi Phil,

      If I can plug YEAFFT multiplication routines into GMP library, that
      However, in this case, I wonder how difficult it is to do and most of
      all how I can then take advantage of the ability of YEAFTT to
      parallelize computation on SMP computers from the GMP exponentiation
      routines ?

      Actually, this is mostly this ability of YEAFTT to fit well on SMP
      machines that interested me to test PRP of the form (n+1)^p-n^p and
      especially 138^p-137^p. This later case is very tough : I've checked
      all prime exponents up to 168000 and found no PRP :-(

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