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19558Re: [PrimeNumbers] Fermat or Rabin/Miller PRP test uing YEAFFT

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  • Phil Carmody
    Sep 2 2:27 PM
      > Does anyone of you knows if there exists a C program to
      > perform PRP
      > tests (basic Fermat test or Rabin/Miller test) using the
      > YEAFFT library
      > that comes with glucas package ?
      > As far as I know, glucas can only check for primality of
      > Mersenne's
      > numbers and cannot test other numbers for probable
      > primality.

      I seem to remember it comes with the ability to replace GMP multiplication routines.
      Get that working, and then just use the usual GMP exponentiation routines, and it will use the YEAFFT multiplications.

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