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18923Re: [PrimeNumbers] Known prime gaps

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  • Andrey Kulsha
    May 8, 2007
      > > Years ago I plotted a frequency distribution of prime gaps from 2 to some
      > > small limit and the curve always looked similar to the curve for black body
      > > radiation. Has anyone done this for limits large or small? Are there
      > > theoretical reasons to account for this?
      > Prime gaps are far from smoothly distributed.
      > Gaps divisible by 3 are more likely than ones not divisible by 3.
      > As 30 becomes small, gaps divisible by 30 also become more popular.
      > As always this can be explained by looking at small primes.

      A good illustration: http://ieeta.pt/~tos/gaps.html

      All the best,


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