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18499Re: [PrimeNumbers] Sieve Source Release?

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  • Phil Carmody
    Dec 19, 2006
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      --- Bryan <beyastard@...> wrote:
      > Out of curiousity, I am wondering if the source to various sieving
      > programs will ever be released by their authors. I do not know how to
      > go about writing a sieve and studying the source would be very
      > helpful. Many of the sieving programs are quite old and even could be
      > updated.
      > Some of them I am wondering about have been written by Jim Fougeron
      > and Phil Carmody such as FermFact (Jim) and ABC10 (Phil).

      Most of my sieves have been made public.

      > One
      > modification of ABC10 could be where on the form 10^a+/-b*10^c+/-1, a,
      > b and c are all variable such that the value of a =
      > 2c+number_of_digits_of_b-1 to sieve palindromes.

      I'm sure I've written something like that already.
      What do I use for my Tetradic primes? Hmmm...

      If I still have it, you can have a copy of it.


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