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18475Re: {Spam?} Re: [PrimeNumbers] optimal parameters for GMP-ECM , -oe+ , -I

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  • Paul Leyland
    Dec 4, 2006
      On Mon, 2006-12-04 at 12:41, Phil Carmody wrote:
      > --- Paul Leyland <paul@...> wrote:

      > > On a Unix-like machine, try running the command "man tee".
      > >
      > > Windows boxes can be made to look Unix-like by any of several
      > methods.
      > > Using Cygwin is the most common.
      > I personally advise against using tee. Better is to simply redirect
      > output to a
      > file ( ``> filename'' or '>> filename' to append), maybe stick that
      > process in
      > the background, and then use ``tail -f'' on that file. Basically this
      > is so
      > that the (crunching and) logging and browsing are completely different
      > operations, and therefore one (the browsing) can be stopped
      > independently of
      > the other. On many platforms, tee also tends to be somewhat annoying
      > when the
      > applications don't flush stdout regularly. You'll get nothing for a
      > while, and
      > then several pages appear.

      Fair enough. tee(1) tends to work for me just fine but YMMV.

      Beware, though, that on Windows machines it's frequently the case that
      you can't "tail -f" a file that something else has open for writing.
      Don't ask me to justify this behaviour, as I can't, but I've seen it
      happen many times (and to my annoyance). Sometimes a work-around of
      copying the partially written file to another name and reading that one


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