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18471optimal parameters for GMP-ECM , -oe+ , -I

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  • Walter Nissen
    Dec 3 11:34 AM
      Hi , all ,

      Within the past several years , the option -oe+ , which broadcasts its
      "stdout" to stdout and a file , has apparently disappeared
      ( can something apparently disappear ?? ) from GMP-ECM .
      Is there a replacement or work-around for Windows ? For Linux ?

      Where can I read about the option -I ?
      I assume its rate is based on some theory .
      Does anyone have practical experience to substantiate the theory ?
      Or tips about its optimal use ?

      Or , in trying to choose how many curves at which B1's will identify the
      most factors using the least CPU , would I instead better try to figure
      out how to make use of the probability function(s) provided by GMP-ECM
      ( as I installed it under Windows , its clock is totally out of whack )

      The most basic of these questions might well be answered in archives
      somewhere .
      How can I access such ?

      Thanks for your attention .

      Cheers ,


      P.S. I tried to post this message in the GMP-ECM topic at
      mersenneforum.org , but was repeatedly rejected as not logged in
      or lacking permission , despite reading
      "You may post new threads" at the bottom of the page .
      I couldn't find any suggestive explanation , nor contact info for
      the anonymous operator of mersenneforum.org .
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