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18399Factorial Prime Search back online

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  • Phil Carmody
    Oct 28, 2006
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      Reservations and ranges at:

      I've covered most of the historical reservations with a pseudo-id.
      There are some known inaccuracies - see below.

      I suggest reservations in chunks of about 500, as when Nuutti
      organised it. Known big hitters may of course grab more.

      Note that before you make a reservation you need to register, and
      I also need to assign reservation permission to you.

      Because of that, if some heroes would like to start sooner rather than later
      can they please shout out their reservation on list (sorry) and test the
      following ABC files, then that would put the reservation list back closer to
      accuracy again:

      These have all been _exceptionally_ well sieved ;-)

      I suggest, as this project is one for PFGW that further questions be restricted
      to the primeform mailing list rather than the primenumbers one.


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      /\ against HTML mail /\ against gratuitous bloodshed

      [stolen with permission from Daniel B. Cristofani]

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