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18132Fwd: [PrimeNumbers] PARI/GP issue

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  • Christ van Willegen
    Jun 15 11:59 PM

      I sent this to Roahn, I realised too late it didn't go to the list...

      On 6/15/06, Roahn Wynar <rwynar@...> wrote:
      > If I wrtie a long function definition in PARI/GP how do I save it for later use? This seems like an obvious question, but I just wrote at ratherlong script and I can't fiugre out how to save it! Sorry if this is an obvious question, I can't seem to find the relevant section of the users manual or the reference manual. (Windows XP by the way.)

      There is a '\w' command (look up the help for it by typing '?? \w' at
      the prompt), but it doesn't seem to be easy to use. (I just tried, it
      doesn't seem to do what I wanted!)

      Paul Underwood suggested 'gp < myfile.gp' (the -q doesn't really do
      anything here...), but I'd use '\r {f}' for that (as is Phil's

      \u may also help... This displays all user functions. You can
      copy/paste this from your screen into a text file.

      Too bad Pari doesn't seem to support writing user functions to a file!
      That would have been nice to have.

      Hope this helps!