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  • Norman Luhn
    Apr 9, 2006
      Hello all !

      I have a request to all of you, and please don't
      What do you think about a project to find a prime
      6-tuplet>1100 digits ? My calculate, we find 1 example
      between 0 and 30000000000000 k's for
      k*2600#+16057..16073. Expected time with a single PC
      about 100 years. When I find users
      who spend me power of 10 PC's and my expectation
      between a short interval of just 100000000000 k's is
      true ,so we can find
      a set of a titanic sextuplet in few months.
      If no sextuplet found so we terminate the project. My
      realy chance is 1/30 .



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