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17115Nuutti Kuosa et al.'s Factorial Prime search.

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  • Phil Carmody
    Nov 1, 2005
      Good projects never die, they simply reserve the right to take
      a rest every so often. However, I, and others, think the factorial
      prime seach has rested quite long enough!

      Apparently I have the most complete mirror of Nuutti's site, and
      the most up-to-date information, but unfortunately some of it is
      contradictory. Does anyone have any information about completed
      ranges that is more up-to-date than the info at:

      I have re-written my factorial sieve, it's now much faster (maybe
      somewhere close to the speed of Mark's excellent multisieve), and
      have been running it for a week or so, and will be making acceptably-
      sieved ranges available for reservation in the next few weeks.
      (My p=6G sieving limit last time was pretty pathetic to be honest!)
      I'll keep sieving for months, obviously.

      Anyway, this was just a little bit of an pre-announcement, so that
      those who are coming to the end of projects, or are between projects,
      can perhaps plan what to do with their CPUs in 2006.

      I'll post again when ranges are available for automatic reservation
      and download, which will be after I am fairly sure that I know
      exactly what has been tested and what hasn't.

      Thanks to Thommy for giving me a kick, I've been meaning to do this
      for a long time.


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