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17026Re: New Cullen Record

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  • mgrogue@wi.rr.com
    Sep 15 6:00 AM
      > I think what Jean meant was that multiple people could work on
      > different factor values for the same range of numbers. For example
      > how PSP does distributed sieving on its numbers.

      My point is that you won't be able to sieve much deeper by taking a
      larger range and distributing it. Maybe you can sieve 1% or 2%
      deeper, but that doesn't make it worth the effort. The reason is
      that MultiSieve has to use trial division (at least for Cullen/Woodalls).
      PSP sieving gets a huge advantage because it uses a discrete log.

      > Secondly is there a MAC version for multisieve available. I have a
      > G5 sitting around, may be I can put it to some use.

      I've been working on one in my spare time. I used a Mac version to
      sieve the Cullen range in which I found the prime since I could sieve
      much deeper than a P4 could.

      In the meantime, head over to the pies_project and use your Mac to
      find a new 100000 digit prime.

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