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16990New Cullen Record

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  • Mark Rodenkirch
    Aug 25, 2005
      I am pleased to annouce that I found the largest known Cullen prime
      and it comes just a few weeks after my recent Woodall prime record and
      seven years after the previous record.

      1354828*2^1354828+1 is 407850 digits long

      It was found using my MultiSieve program for sieving and Jean Penne's
      LLR for the primality test. Once verified it should be #35 in Chris
      Caldwell's list.

      Of note, I sieved with a version of MultiSieve that I ported to
      PowerPC as it can sieve Cullens/Woodalls many times deeper than x86 as
      it has many 64-bit registers.

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