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16566Re: Infinite Number of Twin Primes

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  • Mark Underwood
    May 6, 2005
      Jud's point is well taken. Milton's original offering was that twin
      primes would be generated from only previously generated twin primes.

      I took the liberty to modify Milton's original offering to this:

      Starting with n=3 and (5,7) as the first twin prime pair, if we add
      *or subtract* a (previously generated) twin prime pair from n! to
      generate more twin prime pairs, how far can n go before there is a
      failure to produce twins? Answer : n=22.

      But if instead of n! we use p#, then we can get as high as p = 61
      before there is a failure to produce. (61 is the only prime to fail
      before 103. After that failures become more common, as one might


      PS to certain others: Where is the love? How can there ever be peace
      in the world if we respect our own knowledge or sensibilities or
      tradition over our fellow human beings?
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