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16565Re: [PrimeNumbers] Infinite Number of Twin Primes

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  • Jud McCranie
    May 6, 2005
      At 03:09 AM 5/6/2005, Milton Brown wrote:
      >More addition for your computer:
      > (479001791, 479001793) = (12!+191, 12!+193)
      >And, again you said 12 didn't work!

      the point is that you gave this procedure for producing more and more twin
      primes from factorials and the previously found twin primes. Other than a
      finite number of twin primes as seeds and the ones previously generated by
      your procedure, your procedure doesn't know any other twin primes. The
      procedure has to bootstrap itself and keep going forever. IIRC, he showed
      that 191 and 193 can't be generated that way, so you can't use them for 12!.
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