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  • chrisdarroch
    Apr 1, 2005
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      I intend to put up completely.

      I am in the process of developing the proof document (much slower
      because my children are on holiday)

      Even though my proposal is short and very easy to understand, I am
      still concerned that I have to prove each step, although it will be
      longer if I do not spend sufficient time on abbreviation.

      The tabular CRT aspect, for example......I no longer feel that I have
      to prove the assumption made regarding that, as I feel assured that it
      is not necessary, and have been given sufficient math pointers from
      this group to perhaps explain it properly. This is all part of the,
      "how formal should it be" question that I have been trailing past you
      guys so often.

      However, there is one more part, which I have not yet addressed here,
      and though I believe it simple to assume or prove, given quite
      rudimentary math training, I may take more time to find that formal
      proof, or one that I invent, that suffices.

      I may also have to ask you guys about that, in order to short circuit
      that process.

      However I do it; I do not expect it to take long, but I must attempt
      to get it right you understand!

      Jose Brox
      As I am engaged in formalising my GC proposal (and dealing with the
      children!) I not that inclined to look up the work that I have on
      fatorisation (such that it may be!).

      This method, both you and Decio have mentioned.

      When you ask whether you are right or not; if you mean; was this the
      method I was using; well it doesn't look like it; as far as I remember
      the method I used was very short, and gave me the first factor
      instantly, upon a couple of simple calculations; but only after I
      compared this result with a table of values (primitive I know!) , but
      I did require that the two factors were within a distance; however I
      did not spend time trying to calculate that distance.

      I am aware that many methods are more or less the same or can be seen
      to be derivatives of each other, thus mine may be such, however I
      cannot really focus on that matter in detail at the minute.

      Apologies, if that is too vague!

      Are you involved in seeking factorisation methods?