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16172Re: [PrimeNumbers] Re: About the form of a solution to GC

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  • Bob Gilson
    Mar 5, 2005
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      richard042@... wrote:


      Chris speaks wisdom, take it from a former 8. Anyone can claim
      proof. Someone who actually has proof does not need to make any
      claims whatsoever, they simply have to ask others what is wrong with
      it and they will take up the challenge of finding out. If it's truly
      that short and clearly written, it will be digestible and
      understandable to many members of this list. The list has an archive
      and world-wide membership as witness. You may be a nut and you
      simply don't know it yet. You can cure yourself of the condition by
      learning as much as you can about your subject matter and about the
      realities of the academic mathematical world into which you seek
      acceptance. Make no claims, ask questions. Any proof, or any
      mathematical idea for that matter, is worthless if it is unknown. If
      it's incorrect, it's worthless. If you don't put it out there for
      scrutiny, it's worthless whether it's correct or not. And
      ultimately, it's not your call on whether it is valid proof or not,
      it must pass the scrutiny of everyone else in the world, and you have
      to start somewhere. Consider how long it will take you in isolation
      to learn enough about math and logic to be able to critically attack
      your own paper. Just a little effort along these lines sometimes
      goes a long way toward prevention of self-embarrassment and
      spontaneous nut index inflation.

      But your safeguard is the presentation, make no claims, ask
      questions, thank those who take the time to help you and learn from
      them how to save them time on future endeavors. I guarantee it's
      100% O.K., even admirable, to be wrong - UNLESS, you're wrong about
      being right. So simply do not go there. If no one from this group
      can find anything wrong with a posted proof, it will be a rarity
      indeed, an event to remember in and of itself.

      If you are a mathematician trapped in a nut body, you must and will
      educate yourself as the means to escape, otherwise you'll remain a
      nut. How do you educate yourself? - Well start asking questions
      about what you see in numbers. Until you start asking questions and
      seeking out answers, you shall remain trapped, and there ye' shall be.

      -Dick Boland

      > Most nuts are incapable of taking correction--if no one can give
      you a
      > reasonable correction, then up you nut index by three. If you
      > alone have a right answer an the whole world misses the simple
      > up your nut inex by 8 (10 is the max). For each incorrect
      > proof that you retracted appropriately--subtract one from the nut
      > index.

      Dear Richard

      Perhaps you can persuade chrisdarroch to publish his "proof" so that Decio can have a field day. On the other hand...

      Bob Gilson

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