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16135Re: [PrimeNumbers] Three questions??

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  • Chris Caldwell
    Feb 28, 2005
      At 01:43 PM 2/27/2005, D├ęcio Luiz Gazzoni Filho wrote:
      >> 2. Why do people choose to broadcast their solutions to this problem
      >> on the internet?
      >Beats me. But it makes no difference, because anyone who had a chance in hell

      Depends what you mean by broadcast. Virtually all mathematics that
      will eventually be in reputable journals is first circulated by preprint;
      often on the Internet. Mathematicians often say if you are waiting
      to read journals then you are two-years behind the current research.
      Example: "Primes in P" was circulated on the net, gained acceptance,
      was improved on repeatedly, all well before its first publication.

      You circulate in any media to share what you have. Often you get corrections
      and suggestions. Sometimes references that you missed. (Amateurs
      often miss the point of references--you must show you know how your
      works fits in with the current literature.)

      But if instead you mean why do they have "Goldbach Proof" websites.
      That is because no one would publish their trash. Audience is the
      key--who are you writing to?
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