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16007Help please... user or pgm bug with NewPGen 2.82 on AMD & P4

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  • lasher_chuck
    Jan 30, 2005
      This is probably THE most embarassing question.... but I am perplexed
      to the max.

      May I (a novice at this) ask your indulgence for some educating /
      verification of a condition?

      I have two machines that do most work...

      AMD-64 FX series for sieving (16 MP/sec not uncommon).

      P4b 2.4G for LLR (ver 3.3 currently).

      I have been trying to learn / catch up.

      I sieved, for 24 hours as is (I am told) the norm using NPG.

      I ran the NPG file and got nothing. Sieved the next block, got
      nothing. I went back to the beginning (low N) and started again.

      Again... there were no primes found.

      After the 4-5th go around, I got deeper into this and went in small

      I did the most rudimentary test: k.b^n-1
      using: k=7, b=2, 2<=n<=65536

      @ P=1G, K=7,N=29 was in the NPG as the lowest file.
      @ P=5G, it was gone... as were MANY of valid K N
      (which would yield prime) values.

      This has been verified on seperate processors (Intel and AMD).
      All machines are Prime95 (Gimps) full torture test certified.

      They were also recertified prior to the start of this test run.

      Am I using the wrong software; sieving too much; or a known issue?

      The Engineer in me says that there smells of a 2^32 wrap around bug @
      the P=4G mark w/ or w/o the combo of 2 & 65536 for N.

      PS: Since I *SHOULD* know better and be able to solve this myself,
      please don't hestitate to slap me around either... LOL :)

      I thank you for your time. I thank you in advance for your

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