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15847[PrimeNumbers] Re: Largest CPAP differences

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  • Jens Kruse Andersen
    Dec 31, 2004
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      Jim Fougeron wrote:

      > I have followed Jens lead, and on Christmas day, discovered a
      > CPAP-5 with a gap of 2310. This number is:
      > 9400734826*1499#+x632+2310n
      > Now, we need a CPAP-6 :) Any takers?

      Thanks for your interest in the new record category.
      http://hjem.get2net.dk/jka/math/cpap.htm#difference is updated.
      Note that it is also easily the second largest overall CPAP-5, only beaten by
      Jim himself who has the whole top-10.

      For a CPAP-6 with difference 2310, I think I would search around 560 digits.
      For comparison, the largest known 6 simultaneous primes is a 418-digit CC-6 by
      Dirk Augustin: http://hjem.get2net.dk/jka/math/simultprime.htm#records
      Around 16 AP-6's at 560 digits are expected before hitting a CPAP-6 with my

      It looks pretty hard. I estimate perhaps 5 GHz years if my deep sieve is
      improved to manage sparse forms better.
      I don't have plans to make such a hard CPAP-6 search.

      Jens Kruse Andersen
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