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15372Re: [PrimeNumbers] New Record Carol Prime!!!!

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  • Chris Caldwell
    Oct 8, 2004
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      At 01:40 PM 10/8/2004, Cletus Emmanuel wrote:
      >Here is a new Carol Prime....(2^175749 - 1)^2 - 2. This number has 105812 digits. This is a new record. To date, it is the largets Carol/Kynea prime found. It is the first 100K Carol or Kynea Prime. It took PFGW 30 minutes to test it 2-PRP and 2 hours 23 minutes to run an N+1 test. If only I could prove my conjecture, it would have saved me 2 hours.
      >P.S.: I tried to subimt this number to Chris Caldwell's page and it prompt me to enter a password to access the DB, but I don't know that I have access to the site via that route, muchless a password. Can someone help me submit?......

      Go to your page: http://primes.utm.edu/bios/page.php?id=374 and use the links at the bottom. There is one to submit the prime, another to change your password, and if you have lost yours, just click on edit entry--when you fail to enter the right password it will offer a link to send you a new one. (I should make this less hidden... but I haven't).

      "Carol Prime" is not an archivable comment, so don't bother adding it.

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