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15187primes.utm.edu, temporary outages...

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    Aug 3, 2004
      Today, and maybe for the next few days, primes.utm.edu will have
      temporary outages as I try to fix a disk problem. Sorry...


      More specifically: I seem to be very very unlucky. I have the
      server set up with two drives in a RAID configuration. Everything
      is relatively new and under warrentee so life was suppose to be
      good. The secondary master died (bzzzt-click, bzzzzt-click....
      system can not find drive...) so I got a new one from Maxtor and
      popped it in a couple days ago and asked the machine to resync. It
      resynced to about 64% and the primary master started to fail
      (unrecoverable seek errors; multiple bad sectors...) and the resync
      is failing (days later it is at 41%). (Those few who watch the
      system closely surely notice I had shut off much of the routine
      database maintanace--verification/rereanking... while it tried to

      If someone has advice please contact me OFF LIST: caldwell@....
      I have reasonable backups and should be able to get this going by
      removing the failing disk and restarting from backups... but one
      should not have both new drives fail either.

      First though I will try getting one last new backup...