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14932Re: [PrimeNumbers] Re: Boolean algebra solver?

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  • Milton Brown
    Jun 2, 2004
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      Sorry, what is the purpose of n1 = a1 ^ 1 and a1 = n1 ^ 1 ?
      Aren't these just n1 = a1 and a1 = n1 ?

      It would be helpful to explain these, or have your mathematics
      thought out more before posting.


      Milton L. Brown
      miltbrown at earthlink.net

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      > What is not yet known is what complexity class factoring
      > belongs to.

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      I see. Thank you Paul, as well as D├ęcio for saving me countless
      hours of unnecessarily wasted effort. As I understand it then, the
      real problem in this particular case would be to "reverse" the
      equations I mentioned so that the a's and b's are solved for in
      terms of the bits of the composite number to be factored rather
      than the way I show them? In other words, what I need (for
      example) is to convert equations like these:

      n1 = a1 ^ 1
      n2 = a1 ^ b1
      (Where n1 and n2 are binary bits of the composite number to be

      Into something like this:

      a1 = n1 ^ 1
      b1 = n1 ^ n2 ^ 1

      I realize this is probably impossible in general, but if it *were*
      possible it would show that factoring is in P, right?



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