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14730Prime Paydirt Part II

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  • Ralph Twain
    Apr 4, 2004
      I finished that larger run I mentioned, on a range of
      800 million, which sieved down to just over 3 million.
      Stage one
      yielded 50,000 candidates and stage two 421. Stage
      three spat out a lone winner rather than the expected
      two: 4278274120316*1996995^175+1
      This lucky number, the smallest term of an extreme
      3-Carmichael, has 1116
      digits, and the Carmichael has 6691.

      It looks like my code does work, so I'm now moving out
      of the testing phase and -- surprise! -- have started
      on a larger range. I've petitioned Prof. Caldwell to
      accept the form for archival. I've been informed that
      the literature does
      mention maximal factor sizes for Carmichaels, and I
      Dr. Broadhurst can be trusted on this.

      R.A. Twain

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