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14308Re: [PrimeNumbers] Squares & primes1- At least 2 primes between adjacent squares!!?

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  • Andy Swallow
    Jan 1, 2004
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      One of these days I'll learn to ignore these posts, but until then...

      It's bad enough working out what the mirror sequence is. It's impossible
      from the way you've defined it, I had to look at the examples instead.

      So you take all the odd numbers between (2n)^2 and (2n+1)^2, of which
      there are of course 2n. You then write a sequence of pairs:

      {(2n)^2+1, 2n-1},
      {(2n)^2+3, 2n-3},
      {(2n)^2+5, 2n-5},
      {(2n)^2+2n-3, 3},
      {(2n)^2+2n-1, 1},
      {(2n+1)^2-2n, 1},
      {(2n+1)^2-4, 2n-3}
      {(2n+1)^2-2, 2n-1}

      You then claim that, of the 2n terms in this sequence, 2n-2 of them
      consist of 'actual divisors'? Meaning what? What divides what? It's not

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