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14301RE: [PrimeNumbers] Prime generator

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  • Hadley, Thomas H (Tom), ALABS
    Dec 31, 2003
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      Jud is right. If my calculations are correct, the number of primes
      between 2*10^19 and 3*10^19 is about 2*10^17. If a program could
      a million primes per second, it would still take 2*10^11 seconds, or
      6000 years to generate them -- and a lot of storage.

      Jud, what is the program you would use to generate a string of
      consecutive 20-digit primes if you wanted say, 1000 or so of them?

      Tom Hadley

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      At 12:50 PM 12/31/2003, Cary Walker wrote:

      I'm afraid this is going to be a trivial question for you: I am looking
      >a program that will generate all the primes from ~2x10^19 to some large
      >upper bound. ...

      > Is there a program that will generate all the primes in a

      Yes, but if that is your lower bound, unless the upper bound isn't much
      larger it will take too long to generate all of the primes or you will
      out of space to store them.

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